I look to work closely with clients on commissioned original artwork and projects in a couple of different ways. Either the client can provide a photo to act as a basis for the artwork or a previous piece that I have already created can be used as a reference. All commissions are discussed in detail first so whichever way you look to use the process is tailored to you.

If interested feel free to fill in the form on the contact page and I will happily go through the process with you.


I charge on a size basis meaning it's £2.50 per square inch so pricing can range from £120 (5.8"x8.3") up to £1936 (23.4"x33.1"). Please keep this in mind when you're thinking about the size of your project and don't worry all commissions are discussed in depth first, so we can arrange an ideal price that suits both parties.

Payment method:

I accept cash and bank transfer after the cost is agreed upon by both parties. I ask for a 33% deposit of the total cost (non refundable) before any artwork is made and the remaining 67% after the commission is completed.

Client Testimonial :

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